Gift Giving and Personal Style

May is the month for events. It’s my wife’s birthday, my wedding anniversary and of course Mother’s day. All events where I am expected to give gifts. There is flowers, gift certificates, fine jewelry, etc. Year after year.. the gifts seem to repeat itself. Speaking as a jewelry designer, son, and husband…. I want to give a present that I know reflects the beauty, personality and personal style of that special someone- whether it be my wife, mom or sister. However, do you know what your personal style is?? Funky? Simple? Eccentric? Chokers? Long earring? Studs? So many options.

So, I am asking the ladies two questions: What gifts do you like to receive? What is your personal style?

Inquiring males want to know!!!

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Tradition with a Twist

I came across this video on Newsweek’s website. It’s all about a man who dresses as woman (Aunt Barbara) and sells Tupperware. He is quite a chararacter, a sucessful character. He is the top sales dude. What is interesting is… he took a traditional side gig and made it his own and now is working for self. If this doesn’t motivate you, what will?

As a jewelry designer I look for inspiration and ways to market my new pieces. After seeing Aunt Barbara, I feel inspired. I feel I can take some far fetched ideas and make it work for me.

In any business, you gotta make it your own. If you are quirky, love vintage, have a thing for pink, or feel black is the new black… then take it and run with it. I am Caribbean man who likes crafting. I love to see the beauty in nature, stones and women. All Of WE Jewels is creating jewelry with a twist.

Newsweek Video

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Breaking News

Imagine you are on your way to work at 7:30am in the morning. You see an erractic driver, so you call 911 to report. During your call, it feels as if you just been hit. Only to realize you were shot by a gun in your arm and leg. News in PA! What is this world coming to? A road rage drive-by? Seriously???

I have a family and I try to make sure they are safe from harm. But with news like this, I know I can’t protect them 100%. All I can do is say a prayer and wish them well in thier day.

So, the question remains.. what is the world coming to? Leave your comments.

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Home Sweet Home

Excitement, madness, party, dancing, enjoyment, costumes, colors, mud, soca monarch, reggae, celebration, culture, j’ouvert….. all equal to a Caribbean Carnival. Boy, do I miss home!

There is nothing like growing up in the Caribbean. Sweetbread, roti, portugal, white-sand beaches, Sunday lunch, mangos and coconut water is just a taste of the lifesytle. Such memories! I am my culture and my culture is me. It inspires my decisions in my day to day life and in my business. I use my culture to represent the colors I choose, the beads I buy and the styles I make.

This is carnival time! Trinidad Carnival passed 4 weeks ago and VI Carnival is approaching and followed by other island celebrations. So, with that said… I’m celebrating in my own way. Monthly sale on Caribbean inspired jewels. Low price, no shipping costs. Check us out and celebrate HOME!!

Let’s talk colors!

One of my responses to previous blog suggested I use brighter colors like yellows, oranges and reds in my collections. Does the colors you chose for your accesories, shoes or wardrobe determine your personality?

I came across a color personality test. My wife and I took the test but we don’t believe it was accurate yet interesting none the less. My objective, current situation, stress sources and etc. was way off. However, it could be different for others I say take the test at least for enjoyment.

I came across another color personality webpage (What is your Color Personality?) which defines personality by color. My persoanlity color is yellow (at least its the best fit) although my favorite color is blue but my wardrobe has mostly gray and black pieces.

With that said, does one have anything to do with the other. Is it possible we are making purchases according to our personalities? Just something to think about. Let me here your responses.


Do you believe in trends?

I have always been in the fields where I service my clients. It was all about making them happy. If they needed a wall plastered, it was plastered. If floors needed to be tiled, floors were tiled. If cabinets has to be installed, it was installed. So it was said, so it was done.

Now that I’m in the jewelry business, it’s not just about making clients happy but trying to set trends. I do need to ask…. is that something that is going to really benefit me and my business? Trends die over time, don’t they? I recall MC Hammer pants, Paco jeans, High Top fades, Flannel shirts and much more. Now no one would be caught dead wearing them.

I’ve sold a few pieces I’ve created and I’ve designed a few custom orders. The hardest thing in doing custom orders is selecting stones, figuring out thier personal style and making a statement. My clients seem to be happy with the end product(s) which makes me happy. However, I do wonder is their personal style based on current trends or their personality? Trends can create a big bash and fall quickly. It selections are based on trends, when trends die do we just move on to the next one?

I want a lasting business creating timeless jewels, jewels that in 5 years can still trigger the words: “That is beautiful”.

Is Bulky Better?

I’ve been speaking to wife about the trends, the likes and the fashions. I created a few pieces inpired by my wife and a few pieces where I was just inspired. So, ladies… what’s your thoughts? Is bulky better???