I’m here with my wife watching a show on TLC about fashion and new designers. The question that is asked to everyone is: What is your inspiration?

Of course my wife turned to me and asked me… what is your inspiration? I had to really think about that. After I stumbled on a few words trying to explain myself….but I think I got it! My inspiration comes from:

– my wife / my family: I create, my wife reviews it. I look at her style and get opinions from her friends and other family members. I don’t want to follow trends but set trends.

– nature: Coming from a career where I brought furniture and woods back to its natural state. I love to see things in thier orginal state.

– my heritage (the Caribbean): Growing up in the Caribbean, was a beautiful thing. Carnival, fetes, mas camps, etc… The vibe, the music, the culture is so colorful.

I want to bring all these things to All Of We Jewels.


Hello world!

Life is a funny thing. Just one year ago, I was plastering walls, mixing concreate and installing cabinets. Now, I’m buying beads, designing jewelry and trying to claim my niche in the fashion world. What started out as a hobby as a teen is now my livelihood. Due to Uncle Sam and his cut-backs, I had to figure what I could do to support  my family and something I was good at. Hence, All Of We Jewels was born. 

This blog is not just about promoting my line but the issues that arise with small business owners, trials and errors, finding my path, positive messages and being myself.

I’m learning you gotta take the good with the bad and configure it to what works best for you. 

Soi’m saying….. Hello World!  This is my story!