Let’s talk colors!

One of my responses to previous blog suggested I use brighter colors like yellows, oranges and reds in my collections. Does the colors you chose for your accesories, shoes or wardrobe determine your personality?

I came across a color personality test. My wife and I took the test but we don’t believe it was accurate yet interesting none the less. My objective, current situation, stress sources and etc. was way off. However, it could be different for others I say take the test at least for enjoyment.

I came across another color personality webpage (What is your Color Personality?) which defines personality by color. My persoanlity color is yellow (at least its the best fit) although my favorite color is blue but my wardrobe has mostly gray and black pieces.

With that said, does one have anything to do with the other. Is it possible we are making purchases according to our personalities? Just something to think about. Let me here your responses.